Oaks Park Primary Care Centre is part of Barnsley Healthcare Federation. They planted NHS Forest trees in 2021. The site’s green space will comprise a range of fruit trees to create an orchard area, two commemorative native trees and a range of shrubs to create an area of interest visually throughout the year that is also wildlife-friendly.

A local contractor kindly volunteered their time and assisted with supplying tools, instructing, supervising and assessing three teachers and 28 local primary school pupils to plant 15 dwarf fruit trees, nine shrubs and two ornamental memorial trees. These will encourage wildlife and biodiversity. Each pupil will gain an AQA award funded by BHF and assessed by ‘Twiggs’.

The planting was covered in the Barnsley Chronicle, below.

Barnsley Chronicle - Oaks Park tree planting
Barnsley Chronicle – Oaks Park tree planting. All rights reserved.

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