We are running a workshop with the aim of encouraging more people to use green spaces to improve their health. The full-day workshop will take place on on 25 November 2015, and is being run in conjunction with the South Pennines Local Nature Partnership.

The event brings together healthcare professionals in Bradford and Airedale Districts and leaders of green space projects, and forms part of a national programme of workshops run by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Ecosystems Knowledge Network.

The event is designed for CCG representatives, GPs and primary healthcare staff, public health and social care specialists, spatial planners, Local Nature Partnerships and others involved in improving access.

It will include discussions on the health priorities of the local area, the evidence base for green space projects and how to measure the health outcomes. This will be followed by a ‘Dragon’s Den’-type exercise where green space project organisers present their ideas to healthcare professionals.

Our chair will be Pam Warhurst and key speakers include: 

The workshop will be held at the Advanced Techonology Centre from 9.30-3.30.

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